This rare, jaw dropping gemstone, that is also a fossil will leave you speechless! I have had this ancient stone in my collection for a few years just waiting for some inspiration and that came in the form of a handcrafted chain I designed.

The Russian city of Simbirsk is where you will find this agatized material. Little shelled cephalopods that died 66 million years ago in ancient seas create this beautiful stone! These little extinct sea creatures lived before the dinosaurs!

Veins of pyrite and amber fill the chambers of the Ammonite making the stone vibrant and understated. Every time this gem stone catches your eye you will see something different, it is visual kaleidoscope, a little work of art!

Every link on the necklace is handcrafted individually in my studio and complements the simple contemporary cabochon setting.

This necklace is an original statement piece of art for your neck, a one of that can never be duplicated!

What You Will Love About this Necklace:
  • Handcrafted in Carefree, Arizona by local jewelry maker, Lost Scots Lass.
  • Material – Sterling silver, Simbercite Ammonite stone
  • Chain 19″
  • Pendant 1 1/2′ X 2″ approximately