Design your own interchangeable sterling silver link necklace with unique stone pendants!

Buy 1 or buy them all. My new Modular Collection is a twist on an old idea that can be traced back to the Victorian era. These are handcrafted Modular Interchangeable Necklaces that will become the most versatile pieces you will have in your jewelry collection.

Choose from four different sterling silver link necklaces with your choice of connection clasps, which make it a cinch to change out different pendants. Take one or more of these necklaces and pair them up with your choice of handmade pendant possibilities and voila!

  • Step 1. First Choose Your Silver Link Necklace (Let us know during checkout which clasp you want on the ends. Your options are Hinged Hook Clasp, or Round Clasp. Both are shown in pictures)

  • Step 2. Choose Your Pendant.

  • Step 3. The picture will change to show your design.

  • Step 4. Wear Your Creation!

What You Will Love About this Necklace:
  • Handcrafted in Arizona by local jewelry maker, Lost Scots Lass.
  • Dimensions: 16″ Chain.
  • Buy some, or buy them all!
  • Mix and Match with our interchangeable pendants and necklaces.