This is a picturesque piece of Landscape Picture Jasper from Indonesia and is the centerpiece of my seascape necklace. The cabochon has been artfully cut by artisan lapidaries to look like a painting of a peaceful beach and ocean. Each slice of this amazing stone has a totally different pattern and composition, making each cabochon totally unique and one of a kind!

Imagine an antique pocket watch that your Great Grandfather may have owned.I have handcrafted a custom pendant to look like a small pocket watch that holds a piece of Landscape Jasper on one side then turn it over to reveal a section of fossilized sea urchin sourced from Dakhla,Morocco. This fossil from the Western Sahara desert is also called a ‘Sea Biscuit’.This little marine invertebrate could be 450 million years old!

This unique necklace is hung on a double paperclip chain that attaches to the front with a petite starfish toggle. The toggle clasp gives you the ability to wear the necklace with either the picturesque beach scene or the little ‘Sea Biscuit’. This is a versatile piece of jewelry that has two totally different looks that both echo the sun, sand and ocean!

Landscape Jasper is believed to help us find our place in the world. It is a Root Chakra which allows us to feel safe, secure and stable.

What You Will Love About this Necklace:
  • Handcrafted in Carefree, Arizona by local jewelry maker, Lost Scots Lass.
  • Material – Sterling silver, Landscape Jasper cabochon
  • Chain 18″ long approximately
  • Pendant 1 1/2″ round approximately