About Our Company

Authentic, handcrafted jewelry made by a Scots Lass in Carefree, Arizona

Lesley, Owner and Jewelry Maker

My name is Lesley. Two years ago I participated in a beginners level jewelry making class in Montrose, Colorado. Little did I know I had started an amazing journey and found my niche in life. Metal seems to talk to me and so my infatuation with designing and fabricating handcrafted jewelry began. Thus my local Colorado company, Lost Scots Lass, was born.

I really love that jewelry plays with our personalities. My passion is making bold, but elegant, pieces of wearable art. My quality, handcrafted jewelry makes a statement. My hope is that people will stop you in the street and compliment you on your jewelry and ask you where you purchased the piece.

My authentic designs are timeless and can be worn with jeans and sneakers or a formal dress with heels. I hope to provide my clients with head turning original designs which will add a special touch to any outfit. Art that you can wear everyday.

I lived in the mountains of western Colorado and the everyday beauty of the San Juan Mountains inspired me. The bears that live in the mountains around me are very close to my heart. I believe, like the Zuni, that bears have power, strength and will protect and heal the person wearing them. They are a focus of my Bear Labyrinth Collection and Bear Whimsy Collection.

I am so excited that my jewelry has caught your attention and it gives me great joy to have designed that special piece of jewelry that will have a place in your heart forever.

So the Lost Scots Lass story continues…

Welcome to sunny, hot Arizona!

Just below Tonto National Forest is a tiny little town called Carefree. This is where I now call home. I am inspired and looking forward to a new journey in this new state – may have to include some Saguaro Cactus in my creations!

Hamish The Highland Cow

About the Branding of the Lost Scots Lass Company

Hamish the Highland Cow Drawing

Hamish the Highland Cow Drawing

Lesley hand drew Hamish the Highland Cow, the branding on her company, Lost Scots Lass. She had it printed on Archival Enhanced Matte Paper. Buy a copy of the print.

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Once upon a time, a VERY long time ago, a young lass from Scotland decided to seek out a new life in America. Along with her husband and two handsome little boys, this lass arrived in Louisiana and the family was embraced with open arms by the Cajun folks.

Several years later the lass found enchantment and peace in the mountains of Colorado. The towering mountains covered in snow reminded her of Scotland and so she made her home there.

Thirty three years later this Scots lass embarked on a new endeavor, silversmithing. A company was born and a name and logo needed to be invented.

The Highland Cow is a unique breed of Scottish cattle. These hardy lads are are very hairy with long, wavy ginger hair topped off with beautiful long horns. These woolly monsters reminded the lass of home and it was decided they would be an amazing choice of logo for Lost Scots Lass.

Hamish? Well the lass had childhood friend who had a shock of ginger hair, his name was Hamish! The logo cow is shades of purple and blue just like the mountains of Scotland cloaked in a carpet of heather.

~Lesley the Scots Lass